A call centre is a specialized organization or a separate subdivision in organization engaged in the processing of communications and information through voice communication channels in the interests of the contracting authority or the parent organization. All calls, as a rule, are divided into outgoing and incoming calls, since the nature of incoming and outgoing calls differ significantly, they are usually served by different operators, but sometimes the functions for processing incoming and outgoing calls are combined.
Often, operators are organized into a multilink system for more efficient handling of calls: the first level in such models consists of operators that provide a basic set of information, if the caller needs additional information, then the call is directed to second-level operators who may have more specific information or are authorized to receive any special solutions, who, in turn, redirect the most complex and highly specialized issues to operators of the third level or specialists outside call centers. In addition to operators, there are managers (chiefs and supervisors), technical staff, and training specialists in the call center. Due to the high technological level of operations in call centers, careful monitoring of operators’ activity is widespread. Often in call centers, all conversations with operators are recorded for further analysis and monitoring, which is often warned in advance.